2013-10-15 20.01.13I get out of bed every morning at 6am.
At 7am I start to work.
I start with a new song every morning.
I work on that until lunch, around 12.
After lunch, I pick up the song I started the day before, and finish it.
I finish my my work, and close up the studio at 4pm.
It’s not Rock’n’roll, It’s work.
That’s how I do it.

Finally I’ve decided to update my website.
My international network grows and I feel that I really have to turn this site more international.
So, from now on everything is in english.
For some reasons my interest for African music has grown very strong. I have found so much great music from Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia and more, contemporary and traditional.
The world is filled with great musicians and composers that you never hear or see at the charts.

One organisation I really would like to work with is Art in Tanzania. Read more about them here: Art in Tanzania

I was happy to find all my old tracks I made for Match Music. So much fun to listen to old work that really has been important to me, and still is. Music that still plays world wide, some of it almost 30 years old. And I still love it all.
Take a listen here: Anders Eliasson – Match catalog

Updated ”Some of my work” btw.

Love life!